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Al Mouj Marina And Ministry Of Environment And Climate Affairs Participate In An Underwater Reef Clean-Up

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site photoMuscat, December  26,  2015:
 In line with Almouj Marina’s drive to protect and preserve Oman’s marine life and the delicate eco-system, a team of volunteer divers took part in a coral reef clean-up organized by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs. The initiative saw a team of aqua-environmentalist collect marine debris from the reefs, including discarded fishing nets and rope, food packaging and plastic items.

Almouj Marina takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and is proud to play its part in conserving Oman’s incredible natural assets. It has collaborated with a variety of world-leading research projects and environmental initiatives with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and Sultan Qaboos University’s Marine Science and Fisheries Department. In a regional first, the marina was awarded the coveted marine industry International Achievement Award from the International Clean Marina Accreditation Program in 2014. Underlining its commitment to environmental stewardship, Almouj Marina recently launched a series of beach-clean up events, the first of which saw litter collected from the Daymaniyat Islands and will be converted into artwork to raise awareness of the damage caused by marine pollution.


Oysters Find New Home As Almouj Marina’s Eco-Experiment Yield Strong Results

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oysters photos 1Almouj Marina at Al Mouj Muscat recently announced a set of successful results in its landmark Oyster Long-lines Eco-experiment. The project, the first of its kind in the Middle East, has successfully introduced oyster long-lines to Almouj Marina and grown viable sized oysters in just six months. The success of Almouj Marina’s eco-experiment could have a huge impact on the world’s oyster industry, which has experienced a rapid decline in the oyster population over the last decade.

A long-line is a rope anchored at the bottom of the sea at both ends with the middle maintained at the surface of the water by buoys. The oysters are attached to “droppers” from the surface line, allowing good water movement and facilitating growth. Lines have also been used to grow scallops and seaweed. The lines utilized in the Almouj Marina venture are the longest ever used for such a project, being approximately 100 meters in length.

Khalil AbuJaber, Marina Manager of Almouj Marina said, “The success of this venture is a milestone moment for Almouj Marina, as we continuously implement eco-friendly practices to ensure clean water. As the Sultanate’s premier marina, we constantly look for ways to support Oman’s marine environment and develop sustainable projects that will benefit local communities.”

Spearheaded by Dr. Olivier Guelorget, Aquaculture Advisor to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and Project Manager of the Oyster Long-lines Eco-experiment, no deaths were recorded among the Almouj Marina oysters, a stunning result when compared to the 25 per cent mortality rate in juvenile oysters adapting to environmental conditions. The breakthrough experiment has also had a positive impact on surrounding waters where researchers have recorded an increase in biodiversity. Additionally, the oysters’ function as natural filters have left Almouj Marina free of chemical and microbiological contamination. Rigorously researched and thoroughly planned, the breakthrough oyster venture could bring further benefits to Oman which include the continued diversification of the Sultanate’s fishing industry and the potential creation of a new source of revenue for local fishing communities. 

Dr. Olivier Guelorget commented, “As the population of oysters continues to decline globally, the importance of these developments cannot be understated. The oysters introduced to Omani waters have developed rapidly, shown high quality shells, were successfully tested in several major hotels and restaurants in Muscat, and were preferred over imported oysters of France. The exceptional growth of the oysters and the increase in biodiversity is a testament to Oman’s potential as a sanctuary for mollusks and other wildlife. Our success could herald a new era for the global oyster industry by helping to rejuvenate its population.”

Wayne Shepherd, General Manager of Mourjan Marinas added: “We take preservation of the environment into serious consideration when we build and manage our marinas, and the success of this experiment is evidence to that. We are proud to be part of these conservational activities which reflect Mourjan Marinas’ commitment to creating eco-friendly environments across all of our facilities.”

Initially launched in May 2014, the first experimentations were carried out at the bottom of the marina. Since then, more than 10,000 spats have been introduced with hopes that the project will diversify the local economy and supplement the livelihoods of Omani fishermen. As the experiment moves forward, plans are already underway to have Almouj Marina’s oysters officially classified as the Omani Oyster and given protected status. The Sultanate was chosen to host the experiment given the natural productivity and health of its coasts, which were perfectly tailored to growing shellfish and seaweed. As the landmark project enters a new phase, hopes are high that the successful growth of delectable oysters will be the first of many milestones to come.

It’s Always Cooler At Almouj Marina

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MAlmouj Marina copyuscat, July 30 2015: This summer at Almouj Marina, residents of The Wave, Muscat, marina members, their families, guests and visitors, can all enjoy a myriad of choices for some first-class fun in the sun.

Through its outstanding local partners – SEAOMAN, Lua Lua Diving and Adventure, LuaLua Marine Tours, Mazaya Oman Marine Tourism, Sea Legends Diving, Almohajer Marine and Uniboats – this world-class marina offers a superlative range of unforgettable recreational experiences during the summer months. From scuba diving, dolphin watching, day cruises to destinations along the coast in private luxury charters, to wakeboarding, kitesurfing, sailing and jet-skiing, Almouj Marina has an aquatic activity for everyone.

Almouj Marina’s cosmopolitan range of select retail, leisure and dining options are perfect for unwinding throughout the day, as well as dining and spending quality time with family and friends. If you are organising an event this summer, the marina has recently opened an exclusive new lounge, characterised by a unique space suspended seaside, now available to rent for private and corporate gatherings.

Whilst enjoying Almouj Marina and its fantastic facilities, remember to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun by using sunscreen, wearing a wide-brimmed hat and drinking plenty of liquids. To freshen up, fill a spray bottle with water, spritz your hands and face, but don’t wipe away sweat – leaving it on your skin helps to keep you cool. Running cold water on your wrists is also good for beating the heat, as is putting a small quantity of crushed ice in your hat. To soothe your skin, ask a member of the marina’s staff for a refreshing chilled towel to place around your shoulders. Above all, avoid direct sunlight and hot surfaces, pay attention to children, older people and anybody else who requires special care.

Operated by internationally renowned Mourjan Marinas, Almouj Marina boasts state-of-the art eco-friendly facilities and a wide choice of amenities. The marina’s 124 berths are the first of 400, accommodating yachts from 10 to 40 metres. Connecting The Wave, Muscat to the nation’s seafaring heritage, Almouj Marina adds a nautical dimension to the vibrant community, bridging people, business and culture to create an unrivalled waterfront leisure and lifestyle destination.

The Wave, Muscat and Muriya introduce water taxi service to encourage domestic tourism

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The Wave Muscat and Muriya Water TaxiThe Wave, Muscat and Muriya Introduce Water Taxi Service to Encourage Domestic Tourism

Muscat, May 2nd 2015 – Connecting two of the Sultanate’s most sought-after destinations, The Wave, Muscat and Muriya Tourism Development have jointly introduced a Water Taxi service between Almouj Marina at The Wave, Muscat and the Jebel Sifah Marina. The new service offers passengers a unique opportunity to enjoy an hour and forty five minutes of a scenic and convenient boat trip between two of the Sultanate’s flagship Integrated Tourism Complexes (ITCs).

Hawazen Esber, Chief Executive Officer at The Wave, Muscat, said, “This partnership demonstrates how ITCs in Oman can add value to their integrated tourism experience by working together in synergy. We are confident that the Water Taxi service will prove to be an invaluable addition to our leisure and lifestyle amenities and will set the foundation for more collaboration between The Wave, Muscat and Muriya.”

Ahmed Dabbous, Chief Executive Officer of Muriya, added, “We strongly believe in the huge benefits to the society and the Sultanate from the cooperation between developers. It is never a zero sum game and the Water Taxi service is a clear example of that. We look forward to being joined by other developers so we can provide more stops and frequency for what is definitely a fun, scenic and convenient ride to our Jebel Sifah destination.”

The Water Taxi starts from Almouj Marina, stopping over at the Marina Bandar Rowdha and making the final stop at the Jebel Sifah marina.