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Professionals at Al Mouj Marina advise boat owners to get ready for a smooth boating season

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Muscat, September 16, 2016: Whether you own a 31-foot boat or a weekend cruiser, when the outdoor season sets in, it’s time to get your boat back in shape and make sure it’s ready to go.

Stressing on the importance of boat maintenance, Khalil AbuJaber, Marina Manager of Al Mouj Marina at Al Mouj Muscat, says, “Most boat owners keenly follow suggested maintenance procedures during the summer months when most boats are low in use. Now, with the winter about to set in, we recommend that boat owners prepare their boats for the season.”

Al Mouj Marina works in partnership with boat maintenance experts, UES Marine, to ensure the premier marina’s fleet of luxury yachts and boats are well maintained.

Sharing valuable tips and stressing the importance of preparing the boat AbuJaber says, “Since the boats are in low usage during summer you have to now prep it.”

It is important for boat owners to remember that it is best to use marine grade genuine parts when they decide to repair their boats. It will not only last longer but will help prevent risky situations.

Boaters must check if engine belts have the right tension and also if they come across cracking and glazing inside or outside the boat they must repair it immediately. It is important to check all fasteners and plumbing since exhaust systems carry a lot of water.

It will also help if boat owners check the chain, thread and O-ring on fuel fill caps to help protect the fuel tank from water intrusion.

Experts at UES Marine suggest that boat owners should start the process with thorough cleaning.

“Even if you have cleaned it regularly while it was stationary, there is bound to be some dust and dirt. So wipe the interior clean, use the vacuum if needed and power-wash the exterior. It is also a good time to apply a fresh coat of paint,” says Andrew Wagner, Deputy General Manager of UES

Andrew Wagner also adds, “Check the body for any cracks, punctures or holes and get them repaired immediately.”

Boat owners are advised to make sure that the anchor rode and chain are not tangled prior to going offshore to ensure fast deployment in the case of an emergency.

Designed and operated by internationally renowned Mourjan Marinas, Al Mouj Marina has 124 modern floating marina berths, the first of 400, accommodating yachts from 10 to 40 metres.

Tips for a safe season

• Don’t overload your boat

• Before heading out on the water place things like mobile phones, keys, wallets, etc in a waterproof bag or zip lock.

• Have a plan. Know geographic landmarks, pay attention to headings and be knowledgeable of GPS functions.

• Make sure before you go that your boat has all the safety equipment aboard and that they are all up to date and in good working order.

• Monitor your boat through a few tide cycles after first launching to make sure you’ve correctly adjusted the dock lines.




Al Mouj Marina’s Pilot Project ‘AIS Tracking’ Boosts Safety

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Muscat, 7 June 2016: Adding to its fast-growing array of world-class maritime services, Almouj Marina in partnership with Qnective recently installed a new Automatic Identification System (AIS) to boost traffic control, collision avoidance, and navigational safety at the Marina. The AIS control-station can view any AIS equipped vessel under coverage range and can display on a dedicated screen the vessel’s position in real time. The pilot project has been successfully installed and tested at the marina, and is presently fully operational on two vessels and one control station.

Almouj Marina is dedicated to not just improving its facilities but also adding value to the maritime industry in Oman. The installment of the AIS falls in line with this goal by delivering a major boost to safety and security and by adding value to every aspect of marina operations.


Al Mouj Marina Launches Marine Maintenance Facility

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Muscat, 10 April 2016: Adding to its fast-growing armada of  services, Almouj Marina has announced the launch of its new Maintenance Facility, offering a wide range of expert exterior, interior, mechanical and electrical repair, maintenance and refurbishment as well as a host of specialized services including crewing, delivery, and valuation. The facility is managed and operated by highly respected international marine industry veteran, United Engineering Services (UES).

“Representing an important stage in Almouj Marina’s development plans, this significant new addition to Almouj Marina’s standard-setting facilities brings a new level of convenience to our exceptional boating community. Without leaving their home berth, they will be able to avail the highest standards of workmanship, technical expertise and expert advice at all times, delivered with the upmost professionalism, a dedication to excellence in customer service, and respect for the environment,” said Khalil AbuJaber, Marina Manager of Almouj Marina.

Commenting on his company’s role in the Maintenance Facility, Andrew Wagner, Deputy General Manager of UES commented: “Our goal at Almouj Marina is to deliver an outstanding and reliable service, as we do for the Royal Navy of Oman, the Royal Army of Oman and other clients at home and overseas, by employing our in-house specialized skill sets and our strong belief in excellence in customer service.”

Perfectly positioned at the heart of Al Mouj Muscat, Oman’s leading leisure and lifestyle destination, the eco-conscious award winning Almouj Marina is the Sultanate’s premier marina facility and its largest yachting destination. Designed and operated by Mourjan Marinas, its Master Plan boasts 400 berths for yachts from 10 to 40 meters and features the world’s longest breakwater. The Marina has successfully partnered with a select range of businesses and local SMEs to offer an array of leisure activities from diving and charters to wakeboarding and jet-skiing.



The region’s first anti-fouling marine nano-coating Almouj Marina and Sultan Qaboos University experiment yields successful results

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Nanocoated net in water in Wave MuscatMuscat, 17 February 2016: Almouj Marina announced the successful results of a month long experiment to create environmentally friendly and technologically enhanced anti-fouling for vessels and other submerged structures. The unique field -experiment, which was conducted in Almouj Marina and in partnership with researchers from Sultan Qaboos University, has successfully developed a non-toxic coating that has proven to be as effective as commercial anti-fouling paints without endangering the environment. The project, the first of its kind in the region, could help preserve Oman’s unique marine environment and save the maritime industry millions of USD annually.

Biofouling is the colonization of submerged surfaces by unwanted organisms such as bacteria, barnacles, and algae. The fouling of boats, structures, and industrial equipment has had a major impact on the maritime industry. For decades, toxic compounds have been used to keep the hull of ships free of organisms. This has led to the contamination of marine environment and harming of many marine organisms.

Khalil AbuJaber, Marina Manager of Almouj Marina commented, “This milestone moment is a major step forward in our quest to prevent the degradation and pollution of marine species in the Sultanate. Its success has the potential to ramp up efforts to protect our oceanic treasures and position Oman as a safe haven for oceanic life. As a result of the strong outcomes yielded by the experiment, we alongside our partners will extend the length of the eco-project further as we move to enter a new phase of intense research development.”

Dr. Sergey Dobretsov, Head of Department of Marine Science and Fisheries at Sultan Qaboos University’s said, “Biofouling is a major problem for the marine industry, incurring worldwide more than $15 billion USD per annum to control the issue. Oman in particular has a great deal of biofouling thanks to its long coastal areas. Today, most manufacturers produce toxic anti-fouling paints that gradually release poisonous chemicals and harm any organisms that come in contact with it, in addition to contaminating marine environment. As such, the development of an environmentally friendly coating will bring massive benefits to Oman, ranging from sustaining wildlife and ecosystems to significantly reducing costs.”

The nano-coating developed during the experiment in Almouj Marina, is technologically enhanced and can cover more surface with less material. Produced with the aid of nano-technology, the coating successfully reduced the impact of biofouling on waterways, marine life, maintenance cost and fuel consumption.

He added, “Almouj Marina was the ideal location to conduct this experiment thanks to its clean and clear waters as well as their dedication to marine conservation. The result is a coating that is free of toxic chemicals and capable of transforming marine preservation in Oman. Moving forward, we hope our next phase of research will be the beginning of new era for marine industry in the Sultanate.”

Kick-started as part of an agreement made between Almouj Marina and Sultan Qaboos University in February 2015 with the help of The Research Council (TRC) of Oman, the first experiments were undertaken on fishing nets. The project’s extended phase will soon begin and researchers will be focusing their trials on larger surfaces in longer term experiments.